Disposed Petitions / Appeals ( Surface Water )
Sr. No.Case No.YearPetitionerSubject in BriefOrder
112008PRAYAS, PuneSeeking directions upon Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation regarding Expression of Interest for Completion of Nira-Deoghar Irrigation Project on Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) basis.Download
222008Chief Engineer, Maharashtra Airport Development Company Ltd. (MADC), MumbaiDispute between Chief Engineer, Water Resources Department, Nagpur and Maharashtra Airport Development Company Ltd. (MADC), Mumbai regarding water tariff for supply of water to MADC from Wadgaon dam.Download
332010Prof. N. D. Patil, Adv. Surekha Dalvi and PRAYAS, PuneRegarding changes in the Distribution Plan of Water from Hetavne Medium Irrigation Project, District RaigadDownload
442011Bharatiya Kisan Sangh & othersAppeal against the order of the Primary Dispute Resolution Officer on dispute relating to issuance or delivery of Entitlement to Water User Associations from Pavana damDownload
552011Indiabulls Realtech Limited, MumbaiSeeking waiver of tariff on Recycled Sewage Water allocated to Indiabulls Realtech Limited for their thermal power project at Sinnar, Nashik.Download
662011Prof. N. D. Patil, Adv. Surekha Dalvi and PRAYAS, PuneReview of Tariff Orders dated 30/5/2011 & 29/6/2011Download
712013Mohol Taluka Bahu-Udeshiya Shetkari Sangh, District SolapurRegarding PIL No. 60 of 2013 filed by Mohol Taluka Bahu-Udeshiya Shetkari Sangh, District Solapur in the Hon'ble High Court of Judicature of Bombay for releasing of water into Ujjani Dam from upstream dams.Download
822013Shri. B. K. Pacharne, Shri. R. D. Pawar, Shri. S. N. Nagvade & OthersRegarding direction sought to release 1.74 TMC water from Kukadi Project and upstream K. T. weirs to the Ghod Project & representation under the provisions of MWRRA Act, 2005 for enabling the required quantity of water to be stored in Ghod storage.Download
932013Shri. Panjabrao Bhagat and Shri. R. D. GargadeA) In the matter of PIL No. 95 of 2013, filed by Shri Panjabrao Bhagat & Anr., in the matter of releasing water from Veer, Bhatghar, Devaghar and Gunjawane dams and filling up all K T Weirs on Nira river every yearDownload
1042013Shri. Shaligram Patil & othersObjection against the decision given by the District Collector Buldhana as per the order of the Hon'ble High Court of Mumbai, Nagpur bench in WP No. 2710/2013 filed by the Petitioners Shri Shaligram Patil & others.Download
1112014Shri Prashant Bansilal Bumb & others.Supply of water to Jayakwadi Reservoir from upstream reservoirs towards equitable distribution of water in the Godavari BasinDownload
The Release of Water into the Jayakwadi Reservoir from Upstream Reservoirs for the Equitable Distribution of Water in the Godavari sub-basinDownload
Clarifications - In the matter of Order dated 19-9-2014 in Case No. 1 of 2014 and in the matter of Supply of Water to Jayakwadi Reservoir from Upstream Reservoirs towards Equitable Distribution of Water in the Godavari sub-basinDownload
State Government’s direction under Section 23 of the MWRRA Act, 2005 in the matter of MWRRA’s Order dated September 19, 2014Download
1222014Shri Ghatule, Social Worker, Yelmar and Shri Kate, Chinke.Making available the unutilized water from the Nira Deoghar and Gunjwani reservoirs to benefit the weirs on Man river and the Chincholi Tank in Sangola TalukaDownload
1332014Shri Gorakh Anand Ghadge, R/o Shivane Tal.Sangola, Dist. SolapurAllocation of 5.5 TMC Water from Tembhu Lift Irrigation Scheme for Sangola TalukaDownload
1442014Dr. Dilip YelgaonkarDistribution /allocation of water from Tembhu Lift Irrigation Scheme for Khatav, Man and Koregaon TalukasDownload
1512015Shri Prashant Bansilal Bumb (MLA)Supply of Water to Jayakwadi Reservoir from upstream Reservoirs for achieving Equitable Distribution of Water in the Godavari Basin (2014-15) as per Hon'ble Bombay High Court Order dated 02/02/2015Download
1622015Shri. Suresh Ramdas Dethe(1)(a) In the matter of not releasing water for the second rotation to branch No. 2, ch. No 8/550 in Pandharpur Taluka from NRBC in 2014-2015 & not implementing the sections 12(6) & 12(6) (a) & (b) of the MWRRA Act 2005.Download
Shri. Shahaji Agatrao Nalavade, through Advocate S. M. Bhinge(1) (b) In the matter of releasing water from NRBC to the Phaltan, Malshiras, Pandharpur and Sangola Talukas
Shri. Balasaheb Jivaba Kargal & Shri. Tukaram Shankar Jadhav.(2) In the matter of releasing water from Neera Left Bank Canal (NLBC) into Shetphal Tank
1752015Shri. Bharat Tukaram Bhalke, MLAReleasing Water for Drinking Purpose to the Farmers and the Livestock from the Left and Right Bank Canals of Ujjani ReservoirDownload 1st Order
1862015Shri. Siddeshwar Dadasaheb VaradeReleasing Water for Equitable Distribution in the Bhima sub-basin upto the Ujjani Reservoir filed by the Petitioner Shri. Bharat Tukaram Bhalke and Shri. Siddeshwar Dadasaheb VaradeDownload 2nd Order
1972015Shri. Rajendra Shivaji Rao Nagawade, At Post Wangdari, Taluka Shrigonda, District – Ahmednagar & Shri. Shrinivas Baburao Ghadge, At Post Inamgaon, Taluka Shirur, District – PuneReleasing Water for Equitable Distribution in the Bhima sub-basin upto the Ujjani Reservoir filed by the Petitioner Shri. Bharat Tukaram Bhalke and Shri. Siddeshwar Dadasaheb VaradeDownload
2082015Shri Unmesh Patil, MLAReleasing water from upstream dams in Girna sub-basin into Girna ReservoirDownload
2192015Shri. Bhaskarrao N Kharde, Ex-Chairman, Padamshree Dr. Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Limited & OthersRegarding GMIDC, Aurangabad Order dated 17/10/2015 about releasing water from upstream reservoirs into Jayakwadi ReservoirDownload
22102015Adv. Shivaji Maruti AnbhuleReleasing Water from Kukadi Project into Sina DamDownload
23112015Shri. Ganpatrao Sahebrao KakadeReleasing Water from Kukadi Project into Visapur ProjectDownload
24122015Shri. Suresh Namdev Gore & OthersReview of MWRRA's order dated 26/10/2015 regarding releasing water from upstream dams of the Ujjani reservoir into Ujjani reservoirDownload
25132015Executive Director, Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation, PuneReview of MWRRA's Order dated 27/10/2015 regarding releasing water from Kukadi Complex into Ghod DamDownload
Revised Order Download
26142015Adv. Mahadev Choudhary, Mumbai.Case No. 14 of 2015 dated 26 November 2015 - before MWRRA in the matter of Releasing Water into Ujjani Reservoir from upstream dams as per MWRRA's Order dated 26/10/2015Download
27152015Shri. Nandkumar Dagdu Mane (Patil) and others.Water allocation of Dhom and Dhom-Balkavadi Project as per the Approved Detailed Project ReportDownload
28162015Shri. Bharat Tukaram Bhalke, MLA, Pandharpur & Shri. Siddeshwar Dadasaheb Varade through Adv. Mahadev ChoudharyReleasing Water from upstream dams in the Upper Bhima sub-basin into Ujjani Reservoir as per Hon. High Court's Bombay’s Order dated 03/12/2015 in WP 11426 /2015 & others Download
2912016Shri. Keshavrao Ingole Patil, through Adv. Radhakrishna Ingole Patil, Nanded.Releasing Water from Khadakpurna reservoir into Yeldari – Siddheshwar (Purna Project) reservoir as a part of equitable distributionDownload
3022016Shri. Rajendra Shivaji Rao Nagawade, Ahmednagar & Shri. Shrinivas Baburao Ghadge, Pune.Releasing water from Kukadi Complex into the Ghod dam and carrying out equitable distribution for the Ghod sub-basin and deciding water quota for GhodDownload
3132016Bhartiya Kisan Sangh and others (Dist. Pune)Releasing water from Pavana reservoir on the basis of direction of the Bombay High Court in its Order dated February 12, 2016 in WP No. 1863 of 2013Download
3242016Shri. Nandkumar Dagdu Mane (Patil), Chairman, Shri. Chandragiri Kalva Pani Vapar Sahakari Seva Sanstha Ltd., Rahimatpur, Dist: Satara & others through Adv. Suresh Ramchandra Palande.Water Allocation between Dhom and Dhom-Balkawadi Projects as per the approved Detailed Project ReportDownload
3372016Shri S. R. Dethe, Dhondewadi and Shri J. D. Shinde, BhalavaniTo issue the Orders to Chief Executive Engineer, Executive Engineer, Superitending Engineer for distributing water in Kharif, Rabi, Hot Weather season from tail to head under Section 12(7) of the MWRRA ActDownload
3482016Ratan India Nashik Power LimitedFixation of tariff for treated sewage water allocated to Rattan India Company for TPP, SinnarDownload
3522017Mr. Pradeep G. Kale & others Taluka Indapur, District Pune, through Adv. Abhijit Deshmukh & Adv. P. H. Gaikwad (Patil).Releasing water in the Bhima River from the Ujjani ReservoirDownload
3652017Trimurty Cooperative Water Supply Systems Ltd, Wanjale, Dist. Pune represented by Shri D. S. Dharpale and 13 OthersProposal of Changing Planned Canal System of Gunjavani Project by Closed Pipeline SystemDownload

3762017Arvind Gulabrao Sondkar, Didghar, Tal-Bhor, Dist-Pune and 5 OthersA fixed quota of water for the K.T. weirs, drinking water schemes, LIS schemes which are already in existence along the Gunjavani river be provided in the project report and othersDownload

3882017Adv. Ashish Jaiswal, RamtekMaking Provision of Water for Irrigation Purpose by Curtailing the Use of Water from Pench Project Complex by the Nagpur Municipal Corporation1st Interim Order
2nd Interim Order
3rd Interim Order
Final Order Download
3992017Shri N. R. Kakade, Tandulwadi and Shri B. K. Shinde, Madoli ShendechinchPetition against the Order of PDRO regarding equitable distribution of water to the farmers of Bhalavani Branch No. 2 of Nira Right Bank CanalDownload
4012018Chief Engineer (O&M), Nashik Thermal Power Station, MAHAGENCO, Eklahare, Nashik RoadFixation of tariff for contaminated water supplied to MAHAGENCO for Nashik Thermal Power Plant, EklahareDownload
4132018Adv. Shivaji Anabhule & 2 others through Adv. Kailash ShevaleReleasing 1.2 TMC water from Kukadi Command into Sina DamDownload
4272018Grampanchayat Pimpri Nirmal,Taluka Rahata, District Ahmednagar through Shri. Dnyandev GhorpadeGrievance of the water reservation from Nilwande Dam to the Kopargaon Nagarpalika in the domestic water supply scheme for Shirdi DevsthanDownload
43132018Suo-Moto PetitionRelaxing water use norms by reserving water with 135 lpcd norm from Nilwande project to combined water supply scheme of Shri Saibaba Sansthan Vishwastha Vyavstha Shirdi, Shirdi Nagarpanchayat & Kopargaon CityDownload
44102018Ashti- Jalashay Shethi- Pani Niyojan Samiti (Prop.)In the matter of Appeal against the Order of PDRO dated 06/04/2018 about regular release of water from Ujjani Project to Ashti DamDownload
45142018Pune Municipal CorporationAppeal filed by Pune Municipal Corporation in the matter of the Judgment and Order of the Primary Dispute Resolution Officer dt. 23/10/2017Download
46112018Grampanchayat Kanadgaon,Taluka Rahuri, District Ahmednagar through Shri. Ravindra Kashinath GagareIn the matter of grievance of the water reservation from Nilwande Dam to the Kopargaon NagarpalikaDownload
4762018Shri. Nandkumar Dagdu Mane (Patil), Chairman, Chandragiri Kalwa Pani Wapar Sahakari Seva Sanstha Ltd., Rahimatpur (Satara) & two othersAppeal against the Order of the PDRO dated May 25, 2018 as regards Water Allocation between Dhom & Dhom-Balkawadi Projects as per DPRDownload
4842019Dr. Sanjay Lakhe Patil, President Karmaveer Pratishthan, JalnaPetition filed against the letter Order dated 01/11/2018 of Superintending Engineer & Administration, CADA, Nashik about not releasing water in Jayakwadi dam at Paithan from Upper Dam viz. Gangapur & Palkhed.Download
4952019Shri. Shankar A. Nagre & Shri. S. U. Naik through Adv. Yashodeep DeshmukhPetition filed by Shri. Shankar A. Nagre & Shri. S. U. Naik through Adv. Yashodeep Deshmukh in the matter of procedure of calculating district wise backlog in Irrigation Sector arising out of the Directives of the Hon’ble GovernorDownload
5042019Suo - moto action on the representation preferred by the Petitioner – Govind Baba Water Users association, Nimbi Tal. Manglurpir Dist. WashimPetition filed to release water through canal of Motsawanga Minor Irrigation Project, Motsawanga Taluka Manglurpir District Washim for rabbi season 2018-19Download
5112 & 152018Gram Panchayat Pimpri Nirmal, Tq. Rahata, Dist. Ahmednagar through Ex- Sarpanch, Shri. Gnyandev Nana Ghorpade and Miyasaheb Pani Vapar Sanstha Takalimiya through Shri. Gnyandev Nimse, ChairmanPetition arising out of Marathwada Water Grid Pipeline SchemeDownload
52320181) Adv. Shivaji Maruti Anabhule, R/o Ghumari, Tal. Karjat, Dist. Ahmednagar
2) Adv. Kailas Shankararao Shevale, R/o Pategaon Tal. Karjat, Dist. Ahmednagar
3) Shri. Milind Dattatray Bagal, R/o Takali Khandeshwari, Tal. Karjat, Dist. Ahmednagar
In the matter of releasing 1.2 TMC water from Kukdi Command into Sina DamDownload
53620191. Shri. Balasaheb Damodar Murkhute, Member Vidhan Sabha Nevasa.
2. Nanasaheb Machindra Karade.
3. Dadasaheb Chandrabhan Wagh
4. Pratap Kundalik Chinge.
5. Mula Dharan Pani Wapar Sanstha Chairman, Vice Chairman, Director and members
In the matter of getting information about Jayakwadi dam’s water levelDownload
54162018Cdr. Milind More (Retd.) Administrative Officer Sahyadri SchoolSeeking approval of water consumption at the rate of 135 liters per person per day at Sahyadri SchoolDownload
5562018Appeal by Shri. Nandkumar Dagdu Mane (Patil), Chairman, Chandragiri Kalwa Pani Vapar Sahakari Seva Sanstha Ltd., Rahimatpur (Satara) & two others(Issued in Compliance Proceeding & Review Applications arising out of Order No. 03/2019) In the matter of Water Allocation between Dhom & Dhom-Balkavadi Projects as per DPRDownload
56112019A Petition filed by Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Ltd. Nashik Thermal Power Station, EklahareIn the matter arising out of Fixation of Tariff for supply of contaminated water for the applicant company for its Nashik Thermal Power Plant at Eklahare and claim of parity as per the rationale based on the Order this Authority in Case No. 12 of 2017 passed on October 13, 2017Download
5792019Khed Economic Infrastructure Private Ltd.An Appeal filed by Khed Economic Infrastructure Private Limited (KEIPL) arising out of the order of PDRO dated April 25, 2019 regarding not granting permission to lift 18 MCM water directly from Chaskaman Reservoir instead of downstream of Chaskaman DamDownload
5872017Shri Subhash Bhagavantrao Ghotkar R/o Morshi, Taluka, Morshi, Dist. AmravatiIn the matter arising out of denial of permission to dig wells in the notified areaDownload
5942019Motsawnga M.I.Tank, Motsawnga Tal.Mangrulpir Dist. WashimIn the matter of suo motu action representation Govind Baba Water Users associationDownload