Project Clearance

The authority gives clearance to major, medium and minor irrigation projects while local sector schemes continue to be cleared by the local sector. While clearing projects the Authority keeps the following in view:

  • Projects should be a part of the ISWP
  • Major and medium projects are prepared as per CWC guidelines .
  • Minor projects are prepared as per the Proforma Report [sample] (Model Proforma Sample) prepared by the Authority
  • Water Availability Certificate is issued by a competent authority, either the Chief Engineer (Hydrology) or the WRD.
  • Techno-economic norms for major and medium projects are as per the Planning Commission and CWC norms.
  • Techno-economic norms for Minor irrigation projects are as per the state government's orders in respect of BC ratio, cost per cubic metre of storage
  • Requirement of environment - forest clearances
  • Location of the project in backlog/non-backlog district and whether the project removes irrigation backlog