Water Conservation

According to the MWRRA Act, Chapter III, section 12 (4): The Authority shall, in accordance with State Water Policy, promote and implement sound water conservation and management practices throughout the State.

The efficiency of utilization in all divers uses of water shall be improved an awareness of waters a scarce resource shall be fostered. Conservation consciousness shall be promoted through education, regulation, incentives and disincentives. Water harvesting shall be given consideration in planning water resources. Viable project especially in scarce groundwater areas shell be investigated and implemented to increase the surface water availability, which would also help in recharging the groundwater.

Recycling and reuse of water have to attempt for augmentation of water resources. This will include reclaiming usable water from sewage after necessary effluent treatment. This should be made mandatory for industries use.
Measures to control the evaporation from the water bodies is taken up and affords made to make the process more cost-effective.
Program of water literacy should be launched right from primary school level so as to create awareness about the importance of economizing the use of water among the diverse users.
The water conservation works shell be taken on top priority where groundwater table has considerably gone down and the Central Government has declared the area as dark zone.
he water conservation works (village tanks, percolation tanks and K.T. weirs) in the command area of the completed major and medium project shall be taken up as per the requirement where water supply is inadequate and irregular for irrigation purpose.

The following is a list of techniques and strategies used for better conservation of water and improved water saving.

  • Drip irrigation
  • Sprinkler irrigation
  • RWH for bore wells
  • Farm Ponds
  • Gabiyan bunds
  • Nalla plugging / Nalla bunding
  • Village ponds
  • Forest ponds
  • Check dams / Un-coursed rubble bunds
  • Percolation tanks
  • Underground bunds
  • Kolhapur type weir
  • Continuous Contour trenching
  • Afforestation and pasture land development
  • Stream / nalla bank stabilisation
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