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Water Quality

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board is entrusted with the following function as regards to prevention of pollution of water in streams and rivers of state
 • To plan comprehensive program for the prevention, control or abatement of pollution and secure executions thereof,

 • To collect and disseminate information relating to pollution and the prevention, control or abatement thereof,

 • To inspect sewage or trade effluent treatment and disposal facilities, and air pollution control systems and to review plans, specification or any other     data relating to the treatment plants, disposal systems and air pollution control systems in connection with the consent granted,

 • Supporting and encouraging the developments in the fields of pollution control, waste recycle reuse, eco-friendly practices etc.

According to the MWRRA Act, Chapter III, Section 12 (5), Authority shall support and aid the enhancement and preservation of water quality within the State in close coordination with the relevant State Agencies and in doing so the principle that 'the person who pollutes shall pay' shall be follow[ed].

Water Quality
MSWP: Section 2.3

Water Quality

The quality of the water resources of the State shall be protected to preserve their usability in A sustainable manner for the peoples of the State shall establish a program of control of discharge of any pollutants to the surface and sub-surface waters of the State including the ocean, bays and saltwater marshes of the State. This program shell include the registration of any such discharges, the licensing and monitoring of such discharges and the establishment of standards for the waters of the State and acceptable and appropriate limits for any discharges of pollutants into this waters. The river basin agencies shall consider the maintenance of water quality in the preparation of river basin plans, operations plans and watershed development plans.

The pollutions of the waters resources of the State will be prohibited and those polluting, and those polluting, contributing to the pollution or abetting the pollution of the water resources of the State shall be penalized as provided in the laws and regulations of the State through its relevant State agencies.

MWRRA and MPCB Minutes and Action Plan
Summary record of discussions held on 09/10/2007 in the MWRRA with officers of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.
1. A Meeting was convened in the MWRRA on 09.10.2007 with the officers of the MPCB to discuss the coordinated action to be taken by the MWRRA, MPCB and the State Water Policy to preserve and enhance the water quality in the state. The following were present.
  i) Ajit Nimbalkar, Chairman
ii) A.K.D. Jadhav, Member (Economy)
iii) A. Sekhar, Member (Engg.)
iv) S.V.Sodal, Secretary
v) V.B.Wagh, Dy. Director (Plg.)
vi) Rohan Sodal, Asstt. Director (Tariff)
  i) Sanjay Khandare, Member Secretary
ii) A.D. Saraf, Regional Officer Coordination
iii) Dr. Ajay Deshpande, Regional Officer
Initiating the discussions, Secretary, after making a brief presentation on the scope and functions of the Authority, drew attention to Section 12(5) of the Act and Clause 2.3 of the State Water Policy which relate to water quality. These provisions require the MWRRA & MPCB to make special efforts to improve mainly the river water quality in the state. After discussions the following action plan was drawn up.
  (i) MPCB will bring out a river health booklet, with maps, for the state based on analysis of available river water quality data giving reach wise details of river water quality, identification of industries / local bodies responsible for pollution in the reach with quantum of waste water generated by each and identification of very critical reaches needing urgent attention.
  (ii) MPCB will identify one or two river reaches for a pilot study on water quality improvement identifying all the industries, local bodies in the reach, the waste water generated by each, level of treatment and river water quality month wise at various points along the reach along with suggested action plan to remedy the situation to enhance the water quality to an acceptable standard.
  (iii) MWRRA will convene an inter-departmental meeting to discuss implementation of the above action plan.
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