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Revision of Technical Manual for Irrigation Entitlement

The MWRRA has brought out the Technical Manual for Irrigation Entitlement in January 2007. It is basically meant for guidance to the field officers of the WRD, members of the WUAs and the regulators appointed by the MWRRA.
The MWRRA Act underwent amendment in April 2011 by way of which the power of sectoral allocation has been reinvested in the State Govt. The Maharashtra State Water Policy is also revised in May 2011. The change in priority of water use is the point of revision. These two modifications have had considerable implications as far as water entitlements are concerned. This necessitated a revision of the Technical Manual for Irrigation Entitlement.
The MWRRA has therefore undertaken the revision of the manual and prepared the first draft. The feedback from the field officers and the Entitlement Workshops organized during October- November 2014 helped to supplement the material. The Authority has approved the draft.
The draft is attached herewith for comments which may please be sent before 30 April 2015.

Technical Manual

Date : 06/04/2015
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