Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority
  1. About us
    a. History and Evolution
    b. Authority
    c. Powers, Functions and Duties
    d. Organisational Structure
    e. Key Work Areas
    f. CBRs & Consultative Process
    g. Budget
  2. Water resources
    a. Introduction
    b. Water Resources Projects
    c. Water Maps
  3. Intergrated SWP
    a. Introduction
    b. Technical Manual for SWP
    c. ISWP
    d. Map- River Basins
    e. Map- Major Rivers Tributaries
  4. Legislation & Notification
  5. Reasearch, Development & Publications
  6. Sustainability
    a. Water Quality
    b. Water Conservation
  7. Entitlements
    a. Introduction
    b. Entitlements
    c. Entitlements Maps
    d. Entitlement Trading
    e. Relevant Documentation
  8. Project Clerance
    a. Project Clearance
    b. Categories of Projects
    c. Project Clearance Criteria
    d. List of Projects
    e. Map- Major Rivers Tributaries
  9. Tariffs
    a. Tariffs
    b. Provisions in the State Water Policy
    c. Tariff Regulation - Consultancy Assignment
    d. Operation and Maintenance Norms Study
    e. Current Tariffs
    f. Approach Paper On Developing Regulation For Bulk Water Pricing In Maharashtra
  10. Dispute Resolution
    a. Dispute Resolution
    b. Tariff Disputes
    c. Other Petitions
  11. Forum
  12. Faq
    a. Entitlement
    b. Project Clearance
    c. Tariffs
    d. General
  13. External Links
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