Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority
Project Clearance
Provisions from the Act
Section 11(f) of the Act states as follows:
"to review and clear water resources projects proposed at the sub-basin and river basin level to ensure that a proposal is in conformity with Integrated State Water Plan and also with regard to the economic, hydrologic and environmental viability and where relevant, on the State's obligations under Tribunals, Agreements, or Decrees involving interstate entitlements:

Provided that, while clearing the new water resources projects by the concerned for construction proposed by River Basin Agencies, the Authority shall ensure that Governor's Directives issued from time to time, relating to investment priority for removal of regional imbalance are strictly observed;

Provided further that, in respect of the projects situated in Maharashtra and Vidarbha Regions, the powers to accord administrative approval or revised administrative approval, under this clause, shall in accordance with the Governor's directives, be exercised by the concerned River Basin Agency."
Governor’s Directives pertaining to project clearance are available at:
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