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  Case No. 1 of 2008
Petitioner: PRAYAS, Pune
Matter: Petition filed by PRAYAS on 15/01/2008 objecting to the advertisement issued by the Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation (MKVDC) on 12/09/2007, calling for expression of interest for completion of Nira Deoghar Irrigation Project on the grounds that it does not take adequate cognizance of MWRRA, which came into existence on 8/06/2005, through the MWRRA Act 2005.
Dates of Hearing:

i) 26/02/2008
ii) 3/03/2008
iii) 29/05/2008
Status of the Petition: The Authority in its hearing on 3/03/2008 directed MKVDC to file by 9/04/2008 (later extended to 30/04/2008) their written response, with the approval of the state government, to the issues raised by the petitioner. The authority in its hearing on 29/05/2008 directed MKDVC to respond to the additional issues raised by PRAYAS, on or before 19/06/2008.
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