Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority
1. Entitlement
  i. How does a farmer find out his own water entitlement?
  Answer: A farmer who is a member of a WUA is entitled to a portion of the water entitlement of the WUA which is his Allocation. This allocation can vary according to the WUA's applicable water entitlement of the respective year. This is arrived at by multiplying the Prescribed Unit Water Use Entitlement of the WUA (or per hectare entitlement) by the farmer's holding. For applicable unit water entitlements please refer to the ' Entitlements Register ' for the concerned year. A farmer may also contact his respective Water User Association (WUA).
  ii. How is a WUA’s water entitlement determined?
  Answer: Please see definitions of Applicable Entitlement and Quota. Details are made available on the MWRRA website under the section on entitlements. Please refer to the ‘ Entitlements Register
  iii. How are WUA entitlements calculated?
  Answer: Entitlement calculation sheets for each project and season are available from our ‘ Entitlements Register’ , please refer to the same.
  iv. How does a farmer apply for an Entitlement Pass?
  Answer: The farmer has to apply to the concerned WUA at the beginning of the season, whenever there is a notice from the WUA for the same. Entitlement passes are then issued by the concerned Water User Association (WUA) in response to the application.
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