Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority

The Authority is a body of five persons as per MWRRA (Amendment) Act 2016, viz.
Chairperson - MWRRA
Member - Water Resources Engineering
Member - Economics
Member - Groundwater Management
Member - Law
Currently these positions are held by the following:
Position Name Date of Joining
Chairman: Mr. K. P. Bakshi 16/05/2017
Member, Water Resources Engineering Mr. V. M. Kulkarni 16/05/2017
Member, Economics Dr. S. T. Sangle 09/01/2018
Member, Groundwater Management --- ---
Member, Law Mr. V. J. Tiwari 09/01/2018
Their tenure is for a period of 3 years from the date of joining.
The Act also provides for the appointment of five special invitees, one from each river Basin Agency area, to assist the authority in taking policy decisions. The state government had appointed the following special invitees for a period of 3 years.
  (i) Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corp., Pune -
(ii) Godavari Marathwada Irrigation Development Corp., Aurangabad - Shri Ram Bhogle
(iii) Vidharbha Irrigation Development Corp., Nagpur -
(iv) Tapi Irrigation Development Corp., Jalgaon -
(v) Konkan Irrigation Development Corp., Thane -
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