Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority
The Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority (MWRRA) is a vital feature of the wide ranging reforms in the water sector which are currently underway in the state of Maharashtra. The Authority meets the pressing need for an institutional mechanism to regulate the allocation, management and utilisation of the state's limited water resources through a participatory approach. The Authority aims at sustainability by ensuring that principles of productivity and equity are judiciously embedded in all aspects of water resources development and management.

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Bulk Water Tariff 2017-20

List of Selected Candidates for Interview For 9 Post

List of Selected Candidates for Interview

  MWRRA is authorized to establish a water tariff system and fix criteria for water charges at sub-basin, river-basin and state level.

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  Irrigation projects are usually multi-purpose, catering to the needs of not only irrigation but also of urban and rural domestic consumers and industrial users.  
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  The MWRRA Act, 2005, has mandated MWRRA to determine the distribution of entitlements for various Categories of Use and to ensure equitable distribution within each Category of Use.  
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